When we ‘confront’ our pain, treat its density and power as an all pervading negative experience, then we minimize our chances of improvement. Remember: there is always a strong, personal, subjective aspect to our experience and when this gets an ‘upper hand’ it can eventually defeat us. Better to try and see our ‘discomfort’ as a reality that we can work with, in softer, more forgiving ways then we open up a chance of improvement that could lead us back to wellness again.   

When our health diminishes, goes ‘out of kilter,’ we will need to get back ‘home’ through the healing process, the mechanism of homeostasis which supplies a self-regulating, inner ‘power’ whereby we are ‘restored.’  

In the very depth and intensity of our troublesome pain it is still possible to ‘discover’ a way forward, an ‘escape route.’ Believe this, act on this, in order to move your life forward into a better zone.

We have to believe in the healing process, believe that we can get better by staying focussed, and importantly positive, to what may enter our lives…

Thoughts for Today….

The ageing process doesn’t necessarily prevent us from growing more, so, regularly, whatever your age, ask yourself is there further work to be undertaken, other avenues to pursue, fresh landscapes to explore? Then act before it’s too late. Life is just too precious for us to waste.

Ageing doesn’t necessarily prevent us from exploring new outlets, fresh undertakings, but a lack of passion does. So stay passionate, stay engaged, whatever your age.

Staying engaged, attending mindfully to every day that filters through your life is a ‘must’ – a prerequisite for living a rounded, more nourishing life.

Ageing, per se, doesn’t necessarily curtail our intellectual  inquiry, only a lack of engagement, a distinct lack of passion does that.

The depth and breadth of your personal ‘landscape,’ built over many years of curiosity and rigorous inquiry will, undoubtedly, be your salvation.

We are all called to cultivate curiosity and inquisitiveness in our dealings with our lives in order to prolong them.

Even as we age in the later years there is still more life, new, fresh life to engage with, to reinvigorate and renew us. Make certain this happen for you!

The greatest gift we can be given – that we can also cultivate and develop – is passion,  a passion for life, a passion to engage, a passion to fully live.

We mustn’t allow the ageing process to ‘rob’ us of our passion, our continuing desire to make more of our lives.. A life that is still evolving and developing, even in later life.

In any moment, at any stage of our lives, we can search out new initiatives, fresh perspectives to give us further growth as individuals.

Sometimes life’s ‘instructions’ are disguised as life’s ‘difficulties.’

We must always try and see our ‘problems’ as ‘feedback,’ corrective markers there learn from, to get us back on track.

Always avoid being disheartened by the ‘disturbances’ that seem to just drift our way. Negativity ( which is often our natural response ) will not serve us well here. What we need to do is ‘unbolt’ the issue and see what it’s trying to say to us – what its intentions are. Then we can shape our response accordingly in reaching out for a positive outcome.


In the chaos of life, in the turbulent waters and currents that course through our lives and help shape us, art can offer us so much comfort. It can contribute to a much more positive response of insight and understanding that can aid our passage through life. It’s that powerful. 

Art enlarges our vision of the world. It focuses and magnifies like no other bringing wonder and fascination into our lives.

Our agenda as practicing artists is always to penetrate, as deeply as we can the richness of the form we are engaged with.

We must avoid notions of external recognition/success, status, and prestige to mindfully, committedly pursue what resides deep within us – the creative energy of the authentic artist.

Reflective thought informs our aesthetic enterprise as well as spontaneous, intuitive energy and with their respective inputs they will add value to our creativity.


In any worthwhile writing practice we should all try to ‘gather up’ our thoughts, and crucially our ‘end of the day’ reflections, and try to get them written up as precisely as we can.

Writing can take us deeper into life, into the very core of understanding.

When fully engaged with writing becomes a journey into an ever deepening understanding of life, in all its full and infinite richness.

 Writing can become so penetrative, so over-whelming in its engagement that it takes us on a venture so deep that we may never want to return.

 In the presence of depth, where the mind is quiet and still, we should pick up our pen and see what it has to say to us…..

Writing can take us into a deep journey of inquiry where insight and understanding surface to open us up, like never before. And that, undoubtedly, is a rich gift for us to receive.

Good writing takes us deep – an exploration into our inner and outer worlds.

Writing, when it has something really authentic to say, helps to penetrate and reveal both the subjective and objective world

Writing, as a form of profound creativity, can help us to reveal deeper layers of truth about ourselves and our world.

Over time, by deeply absorbing the written word – listening to sounds and nuances

we will, as if almost magically, be placed in a creative arena where our own writing can start, develop and importantly thrive.

When deeply engaged with – attentively and lovingly – writing can move us to new levels of consciousness, to higher levels of presence that we may have never touched before.

In the quiet of evening – alone, peaceful, silent to the majesty of it all, our writing can start

When we find within ourselves deep pools of silence, contentment and personal peace we can start to pick up our pen and write from the heart

Deep pools of writing can be accessed thorough cultivating within ourselves an undisturbed, peaceful, contented mind that wishes to finally express itself, meaningful and authentically, away from the noisy, turbulent world we normally inhabit.


Art ( in all its rich diversification and deeply woven tapestry of meaning ) can change our lives – of that there is no doubt. It has the innate, potential power of transformation that can move us into an entirely different landscape where a possible new life is waiting.

Art – in its special moments of rich experience – can open us up to deep levels of awareness and feeling – perhaps a landscape hitherto never fully explored and experienced before.

Art can challenge us, sometimes severely, but that’s no reason to shy away from its possible impact on us. Art brings to us an opportunity to open up the world and shed a penetrating light into its shadows.

Art can change our lives for the better, it can help uncover and reveal deeper aspects of our inner life that too often remain hidden from view, hidden from any likelihood of engagement.

Art has the ability to create space inside us where a richer experience and comprehension of life can be activated. And if we explore this region, engage fully with its ‘magic’ then it will extend and enlarge us beyond measure.