Healing can only come to the mind of openness, receptivity and full acceptance. ‘Pulling the shutters down,’ closing off real possible, favourable, healthy outcomes -that could come our way – is not an option. We have within each of us a transformative, regenerative energy and we do need to participate with this. We do need to embrace its ‘magic’ if we are to improve our health – if we are to heal.

We can too easily arrive at a stage in our life when we feel that we have perhaps done enough. We have worked hard, tackled many tasks in our lifetime and now feel it’s time to stop and ‘graze.’ But unfortunately life itself doesn’t share this particular point of view. It never reaches a plateau and stops, or even pause, It just flows continuously on, and on, and on, in a never-ending river of infinite existence. And if we pull back now, we start to diminish ourselves, limit our personal growth, which is always available to us right up until the very end of life. So stay committed, stay fresh, stay interested in life – your life, and see what can be achieved.

As quickly as grace can descend in our lives – in those special moments of tenderness and sensitivity where we feel the need to surrender, to yield to a greater force – it can evaporate. It can quickly and decisively dissipate as we re-enter the world of personal concerns and judgements, worries and opinions. This is understandable, for it seems almost impossible to remain permanently situated in this domain of benevolence, even for a saint! So we must accept, with full heart and open mind, these precious moments, and times, of expansiveness and compassion when they surface in our lives and be grateful for their presence….

It’s OK to fall apart. It’s OK to get anxious over something that enters our lives in an irritable manner. It’s OK to lose our patience at what happens. It’s OK to lose our temper provided we can apply awareness to all these emotional states that course through our minds and learn from their presence, start to develop strategies to use them for ‘fuel’ for our onward, positive journey.

Adversity often sweeps into our lives uninvited and unwelcomed but that is no reason to react hastily against it without even listening to what it’s trying to say. It has made a presence in our lives and we must acknowledge this and learn its ‘lessons,’ what it is trying to say.