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D T Suzuki

“ I discovered that it is necessary, absolutely necessary, to believe in nothing….No matter what god or doctrine you believe in, if you become attached to it, your belief will be based more or less on  a self-centred idea.”





” Praise and blame, gain and loss, pleasure and sorrow come and go like the wind. To be happy, rest like a giant tree in the midst of them all. “



“ Do not just memorize sayings, recite words, and discuss Zen and the way based on books. The Zen way is not in books. Even if you can recite the teachings of the whole canon and all the masters and philosophers, they are just useless words of no avail when you are facing death.”


Hsu Pen

I dwell apart
From the world of men

I lift my eyes
To the mighty hills
And sit in silent reverie
By rushing streams
My songs
Are whisperings of the winds
And the soft murmurs
Of falling rain

Blossoms open
And flutter to earth again
Men come
And men go
Year follows year
And life goes on

Hsu Pen

Chao I

With head on pillow, I made a verse, but, mistrusting my memory,
I donned my coat and rose to write it under the guttering lamp.
My simple wife chuckled, ‘ Why all this trouble?
Even the children at their lessons do not fuss like this! ‘

Chao I ( 1727-1814 )

Lu Yu

Written in a Carefree Mood
Lu Yu

Old man pushing seventy,
in truth he acts like a little boy,
whooping with delight when he spies some mountain fruits,
laughing with joy, tagging after village mummers;
with the others having fun stacking tiles to make a pagoda,
standing alone staring at his image in a jardiniere pool.
Tucked under his arm, a battered book to read,
just like the time he first set off for school.


“ Enlightenment is like the moon reflected in the water. The moon doesn’t get wet; the water isn’t broken. Although its light is vast and wide, the moon is reflected even in a puddle an inch long. The whole moon and the whole sky are reflected in a dew drop on the grass.”