Monthly Archives: February 2017


After many years of experiencing deep seated suffering any notion of healing may seem so far removed from our everyday reality now. All hope of any form of recovery has, more likely, faded and we have come to accept our difficult plight as the norm. This is understandable because we have been on a roller coaster ride, health wise. Yet underneath all this there is still hope. We may have underestimated our ability to turn things around because of a constant feeder stream of self-aggression towards ourselves – a subtle flow of personal guilt, shame and perhaps embarrassment that keeps us locked in failure. Now we must start again, we must start to believe in ourselves, a revived, enriched personal validation, that understands that progress can still be made. That there is always action that we can take, however small that could secure a better future. The personal rejection that we have promoted must now be rejected and replaced with a self-belief that will invest in our lives.