We often settle for less, feeling perhaps that we are not good enough for more achievements, more success. This is nonsense of course; it’s just a self-sabotaging device that is allowed to run away with debilitating feelings that prevent us from going further. Never settle for second best, never fall back from going that extra mile and startle yourself in what you can achieve.


Never measure your life in years but in the number of lives you touch.


Cultivate balance in your life. It’s right to work hard to achieve your goals but it’s also equally right to take time out for relaxing, for renewal.


Mindfulness attends to our lives peacefully and contentedly allowing things to get done at their own pace. Its special gift is its ability to connect us to an inner harmony, a natural rhythm which flows unimpeded in relaxing calm.  


Don’t beat yourself up over the mistakes you make. Mistakes are an integral part of life, there as our instructors to guide and push us in the right direction.


If we look deeply enough into the problems we confront you will see a corresponding solution. Remember the words of Krishnamurti: “ If we can really understand the problem, the answer will come out of it, because the answer is not separate from the problem. “


Keeping your sense of humour in difficult circumstances is essential if we are to keep our sanity.


Be generous in your dealings with people. This will always pay you back in often unexpected ways.


Always seek out clarity in your communications with others. Ambiguity and vagueness always impede fuller understanding. Better to articulate in clear, simple, succinct terms to get your message over so as to dismiss any possibility of misunderstanding.


Death is already waiting for us so live your life fully, completely as you can, making every moment count before it’s too late.


Someone once said: “If you have a vocation you will never work again.” Let’s all find our vocation as a matter of priority and if you have been fortunate enough already to have found yours then deepen that engagement.  


We must endeavour to live a life that feels nourishing, wholesome and good on the inside irrespective of our perception of how we appear to others on the outside. This is called being authentic to the true self.


Don’t compromise too much on ‘ false ‘ friendship. Because it wastes time that could be spent in finding the depth of companionship we always wanted.


Wisdom can only arise from a still, contemplative mind and for this we need to free ourselves from the busyness of our everyday activities and our inherent habitual thinking.


Relaxation is the tool we need to re-engage with balance and perspective, in other words – our sanity.


Keep it simple. Life often gets too complicated, too stressful at times to handle. By restricting our work load and relaxing around goals and achievements we can rebalance our composure and settle down to a more manageable, peaceful existence.








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