Ten Steps to a New Future

Try to think deeply about possible life goals to be achieved, no matter how difficult they may initially seem. Remember that without ambition to reach out for something ‘ bigger ‘ we will inevitably restrict ourselves

Don’t look back too much. Reflect upon and evaluate the past but use it to inform the future

Mistakes are part of life. Accept this and learn from them. See all your mistakes as part of an overall corrective strategy to get you back on course

Invest your money, energy and time for the prospect of a brighter tomorrow

Do not allow others to set your agenda. Have faith and confidence in your ability to succeed

Work hard at every opportunity you can in order to accomplish your plans

Remain flexible, and take readings along the way. Always be prepared to make any necessary adjustments when the time is right

Look for supportive people who can help you along the way

Stay focussed but do not become self-obsessed

Enjoy your achievements with others, especially those who have helped you




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